Life Update

Hi all,

Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to post last week, so I wanted to give ya’ll a quick lil life update.

I spent the last two weeks with my family and, honestly, it was pretty rough. I don’t get along very well with either of my parents for certain reasons, so it’s usually hard for me to enjoy my time with the rest of the family. That aside, it was really busy, which is the main reason I didn’t have a chance to write up a post or read much. During week 1, we had a family emergency, causing plans to get pushed to week 2, another reason for lack of updates and general internet time. Only one of those things we had planned were able to be put into action, the thing I was looking forward to most. It ended up being cut short because I got sick during the end of the week, so overall, the whole two weeks were pretty much a bummer. It’s getting harder and harder to go back to visit my family. Even just two weeks were a chore, and I’m so relieved to be back home.

Now that I’m done with the crappy stuff, my roommate and I have finally started moving things into our new place. There’s lots of packing and unpacking and cleaning and things, so it hasn’t been easy, but it’s 100% worth it and I’m so excited. Hopefully we’ll be done by the end of the week and I can resume my normal schedule. I found out I definitely have a job secured for next semester and it’s one I’m really confident and excited about. I know money isn’t everything but having to worry about it a little less makes it easier to breathe. My copy of The Raven King has finally come in the mail and I’ve started reading it. I’m less than a hundred pages in because we’ve been so busy with the move but carry it with me practically everywhere and I can’t wait until I have some time to really dive in.

Things are both great and terrible right now. The struggles I’ve been having with my unsupportive family are making college harder than it would be on it’s own but the support system I’ve created on my own is holding me up. I’m so lucky to have the people I have in my life because they have made and continue to make it possible for me to work toward my goals and grow as a person. I’m just trying to carry on and see where life takes me from here.

The next week or so will be pretty busy with the move, so I can’t say for sure if there will be a post next week or not. Hopefully we’ll be all settled by Wednesday. Thanks for sticking around!


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