Life Update: The move, new shelves, and current read

Hello all,

So as you may know, my roommate and I are in the middle of a move, which has been preventing me from updating on time. This post will be two days late (I try to post every Wednesday) but regardless, I wanted to post this week since I recently skipped a week. I also didn’t want to post two life updates in a row, but there hasn’t been much time to read since we’ve been so busy moving, so here we are.

As far as the move, we’re just about done. Our room is almost finished and looks fantastic so far. It’s bookish and comfy (we’re both creative writing majors). We constantly have candles burning or wax warmers on, and there are so many books lying around. I don’t want to post photos of the whole room as my roommate wouldn’t feel comfortable with it, but here’s a glimpse of my things so far.

We have two tall bookshelves we’ve split in half. I have the top few shelves, and I’m super happy with how they came out.

I’ve actually never had a bookshelf before, so it makes my heart so happy to see all of my beautiful books displayed. Now that I have the space for them, I can splurge on more. The top shelf in the right photo is my TBR (minus some ebooks). I hadn’t realized how many there were until I stacked them all up together. At least I know I have enough to last me the majority of the summer.

Because I love it, ya’ll can also have a photo of my new desk, aka my corner of the world. It’s roomier than the dorm desks and I’ll probably spend about 98% of my time with my ass in that chair once the fall semester starts, so I had to make it perfect. My inspo board will go above it soon, but that’s a whole separate post (and one I’m very excited about!).


The lighting isn’t great right now as all we have in the room is that little lamp on the right you can barely see. As I said, our room is almost done. Not quite, but almost.

As far as an update on reading, I was able to find enough time to finish The Raven King, which I absolutely adored. I won’t be writing a review of it, at least not right now, because I don’t have any for the first 3 in the series, but I do plan on rereading it come fall, so maybe then? Either way, it’s an auto-recommend to anyone who likes YA, so if you’ve never heard of it, here ya go.

I dropped The 5th Wave immediately to get started on The Raven King, so I’ll be picking that one back up when I get the chance. I hope to finish it by the end of the week so I can finally post a review for ya’ll.

That’s all I have for this week. Things aren’t as bookish as I’d like them to be, so thanks for bearing with me. This summer has been crazy so far, and it’s only the first day of July. I should be able to post more regularly in the next few weeks and catch up on my reading as well.

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