D.I.Y. Inspiration Board!

inspo board - close up

I got the idea for my inspo board from Ingrid Nilsen’s video. I totally suggest watching it if you plan to make one yourself. As soon as I saw it, I wanted to jump up and run to the craft store so I could start mine.

Suggested materials:

  • Cork board (any size you want – I made mine huge. I found it pretty cheap at Ollie’s Bargain Outlet. This will probably be the most expensive thing you’ll need.)
  • Paint (I got a small bottle of Craft Smart paint for $1 at Micheal’s. I did two layers and still have some left. They have a ton of different colors!)
  • Paintbrush (I got a cheap pack at a dollar store for $5.)
  • Scotch tape / clear tape
  • Push pins/thumbtacks (I have a mixture of fun, decorative ones from Target and plain ones.)
  • Sticky notes/stationary (if you want to add lists, handwritten quotes, etc.)
  • Things to pin up! (I printed a bunch of things online from places like Tumblr and Pinterest, as well as a few photos of myself with my friends and family. I also pick up a magazine every now and then and clip out a few things I think fit the aesthetic of my board.

I love the way Ingrid painted hers in her video, so I copied the same technique with one of my favorite colors. She put a strip of tape across the board diagonally to split the board into two triangles, and I thought it was fun and different. If yours comes with a frame like mine, be sure to cover the frame with tape as well so paint doesn’t get on it. Also, make sure that the edge of your tape, not the center of the tape, is lined up with the corners if you’re going diagonally. That way your line will be going from corner to corner and won’t be off-center. Some patches were darker than others when I did the first coat, so I did a second. I still had extra paint left over, and my board is massive.

While it was drying, I printed and cut out my photos. I tried to do a variety of different things – some friends and family, celebrities, pets, quotes, funny, school-related, writing-related, plain paper, glossy paper, magazine clippings, etc. I always say my inspo board is my aesthetic, so really, you can do whatever you want with it. Like Ingrid, and because I’m such a big bookworm, I have a list of books I’ve read in 2016 on mine, as well as a list of my goals for the summer for motivation. I also have some handwritten quotes on sticky notes from this stationary pack I bought on Amazon. (It was more expensive than it was worth, though, so be careful if you’re considering that. Mine barely stick and are much smaller than I thought they’d be!)

I had some plain pushpins from a smaller cork board I use for school assignments. (Do I need 2? No. Do I want 2? Yes.) I used a mixture of those and the decorative ones I found at Target since they were a little expensive and I needed so many.

I’ve already rearranged mine once or twice, and I hung it above my desk so when I’m working on blog things or writing things or school things it’s right there for motivation, inspiration, and just staring at because I love it so much.

Inspo board above desk

The great thing about this is it’s really whatever you want it to be. And it can always be changed depending on what’s happening in your life. My life is centered around writing and school right now, so that’s what mine brings me inspiration for. I have people and quotes that inspire me, lists to motivate me, and things to make me smile. Mine is much different than Ingrid’s in size, paint color, and content, so just run with it and have fun!


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