My Auto-buy Authors

I’ve seen several bloggers make a post about their auto-buy authors and thought I’d join in. In case you don’t know, “auto-buy” authors are generally authors whose books you’ll automatically buy, no matter what they’re about, when they come out, etc. They’re the authors where you’ve read all of their other books at least once and wait in anticipation for them to announce their newest release. At least that’s what they are to me.

My first auto-buy author was on this list before this list existed: Sarah Dessen. I’ve been reading her books since middle school when I picked up What Happened to Goodbye in Barnes & Noble. I fell in love with her stories in a time when I needed an escape more than ever and felt like her characters just ‘got’ me. Apart from Twilight, Dessen’s books are what really roped me into YA and honestly changed my life a little bit. Even though I’m in college now I still find a home in Dessen’s books and just know I’ll be a lifelong reader and rereader of her work.
My Dessen faves: What Happened to Goodbye, Lock & Key

My next auto-buy author has secured her spot as my favorite author (for now): Maggie Stiefvater. Her books are so whimsical and just take me away when I’m reading them. They’re such fast reads and easy to get lost in. My favorite thing about stories, the thing that either makes or breaks them for me is the characters (see: my review of The 5th Wave). If I like or support the characters, even if the plot isn’t the best, I usually like the book. In the case of Stiefvaters books, I love the characters to an almost alarming point and sometimes get a little bit sad I can’t actually hang out with them. Her characters become friends that it’s hard to say goodbye to once the book has closed, and I’m constantly searching for a feeling similar to what her books give me.
My Stiefvater faves: The Raven BoysShiver

Some of you will probably sigh when you read this but my next auto-buy author is our beloved John Green. I don’t know if it’s because of the hype, but his books seem to be either hit or miss with most people. Personally, I adore them. I love the wit, humor, and (as unrealistic as they may be) characters. Again, these are always quick reads for me; I just absolutely devour them. I love the fact that his books can have me laughing out loud one chapter and crying the next. I’ve reread his books to pick up on humor and foreshadowing I didn’t notice the first time and feel like they’re the kind of books that can be read and enjoyed over and over.
My Green faves: Paper Towns, An Abundance of Katherines

Bardugo_Six of Crows

My last auto-buy author is a new addition to my list. While I’ve been reading the others throughout high school, Leigh Bardugo’s work was just introduced to me last year, and I’m so happy it was. Though I wasn’t the biggest fan of Bardugo’s Grisha Trilogy, I liked the characters, plot, and writing enough to finish reading it after two of my friends recommended I do. What really got me hooked on Bardugo’s books enough to pick up her next series was her writing, though. It was very engrossing and easy to get lost in. And with her second series, Six of Crows, I was absolutely swept away by how much she improved as a writer. I couldn’t help but completely adore the new characters introduced and the little connections between the first and second series. I’m now left in total anticipation of book two, Crooked Kingdom.
My Bardugo faves: Six of Crows

If you’d like, leave me your auto-buy authors in the comments so I can check them out, and be sure to find me in my various corners of the internet: Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Goodreads.


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