Writing Update #1

I know this isn’t my usual posting day but I was inspired by Rupi Kaur to post a few of my poems. My review for her book milk and honey will be up this Wednesday. I’ve been writing poetry since 7th grade but I went through a bit of a dry spell last year. I finally, out of nowhere, wrote a few poems for the first time in nearly a year and I actually quite like them, so I decided to share. Enjoy!

Dirty Dishes
I haven’t written
a poem in months
the words no longer
flow like ink
they’re dried up
like the crusty dishes
in the sink
I haven’t gotten
around to yet
what makes it
onto paper
sounds like
someone else’s
regurgitated sentences
I never wanted
to hear
in the first place

Blue or Black
In blue or black ink
(Take your pick)
I wrote two words
On my wrist:
‘Carry on’
But they faded by noon
And now I’m left
Why I wrote
Them there
At all.

Sometimes the money comes in
Two days after the bills need paid

Sometimes the love comes in
After they’re already gone

Sometimes the hope comes in
After you decide to move on

Sometimes they medicine comes in
After the wound has healed

Sometimes the strength comes in
After the battle’s already been lost

Sometimes you have to live without
The things you think you need

Somehow you survive despite it all.


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