Desk Tour – Fall 2016

I know a lot of us are back to school, including myself. I just started my junior year as an English – creative writing major at college and it can get over-whelming. The place where I spend 90% of my time that I’m not on campus is at my desk working on assignments. It’s my favorite place in the house so I thought I’d do a tour post and share it with you all.Whole Desk Unedited

Main Desk Area

The main area of my desk is where I usually keep the basics: my laptop, mouse, headphones, water (or coffee), and whatever assignment I’m working on at the time. I also like to keep a candle lit occasionally, and I have a little Post-It Note dispenser because I use them constantly. I also have a power strip (surge protector?) tucked in the back so I have a charging station for my laptop, phone, Kindle, or whatever else I may need to have with me while I’m working. Lastly, underneath the shelf I have some sticky tabs for marking pages and a box of index cards for easy reach because I use both of those a lot as well.

The side area of my desk is usually where I keep my queue of work. I have a stack of binders and books, along with my planner for easy reference. I have tissues and chapstick there too, because it’s allergy season and I need them in easy reach. There’s the cubby area you can see in the back. There, I keep notebooks and folders I use frequently, like my little notebook of lists, journal, my university’s guidebook for finding things on campus, an MLA writing guide and coloring/writing books for fun. Above the cubby I have my change bowl complete with Penguins plushie and a candle in a fancy candle holder that I got from Bath and Body works and am utterly obsessed with.

Occaisonally, when I have a lot of work or need more space, I’ll set up a folding table next to my desk making an L shape. That way I have more space to work with and don’t have to keep all of my things on the floor. I have back problems, so bending down over and over again for books and papers can be a pain.


As far as the main shelf-type thing, I keep all of my pens, highlighters, and fancy pens separated. I collect mugs, so they make great storage for these kind of things and are also super cute. Plus, I have a way to display my nice mugs I don’t like to actually use. I also have a few plushies for decoration along with some gifts my roommate brought me back from Italy when she visited freshman year. On the right I have an organizer that is great for little things. I use it for paperclips, binder clips, and thumbtacks as well as some of my favorite pens, scissors, and little things I don’t want to lose.To the right I have a wax warmer. I don’t use it that frequently as I prefer candles but the scents are much cheaper.

Drawer unedited

My drawer for this desk is pretty small and I only have one so it can be tough to work with. I like to keep my extra things in here to replace as the ones on the top of my desk get low. I also keep things in here that I don’t really use daily. The organizers I showed in my Back-to-School Supplies Haul post have helped a lot. I keep things like paper clips and binder clips in those. One of them is used for my whiteboard markers since I have a whiteboard I use for assignments every week that I like to keep pretty. I have extra sticky notes, rubber bands, a ruler and a hole punch in there, too.

Inspo Board Unedited

Finally, I have my inspo board above my desk. I’ve updated it since my Inspo Board DIY post and have almost filled it up!

I hope you all enjoyed my desk tour! If you’ve gone back to school as well, I hope you have a wonderful semester/year!

As much as I’ve enjoyed doing these back-to-school posts, I’ll be back with bookish posts next Wednesday with my Fall TBR. (Remember that stack of books from my last post? It’s almost time for them to shine!)

Remember, you can find me on my various corners of the internet: Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Goodreads.



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