Writing Update #2

Hi all,

This week I wanted to do something a little different. November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). I’ve tried participating in it several times in the past few years but it falls directly in the middle of the semester and it’s tough for me to work out time each day to write. Also, as it has turned out so far, apparently good plots and well-rounded characters aren’t my thing. Of course, I’ll never quit, though.

Anyway, I’ve always written more poetry than anything else, and I’m taking a poetry class at my university right now. I’ve been really inspired by Tumblr poets like Amanda Lovelace (the princess saves herself in this one) and some of the other poetry I’ve been surrounding myself with, such as Rupi Kaur (milk and honey) and Jason Schneiderman (Striking Surface). I began preparing my final project for my poetry class, a 12-page portfolio of our poetry. I’ve also begun to consider my senior writing project for next year. All of these things combined – NaNoWriMo, reading a ton of poetry, taking a poetry class, writing more, putting together a portfolio – put this wild idea in my mind that I could actually write a book of poetry rather than work of fiction. I’ve shared a few of my poems on this blog before, but I’m going to start doing more writing updates in the future.

This became a little longer than I intended, so I’m going to try to wrap it up. I’m going to spend my less busy months of December and January to try to write poetry daily, rather than fiction, since writing poetry doesn’t generally make me want to launch my laptop at the wall.

Because of this new-found hopeless plan, I’ve decided to share a few of my favorite poems I’ve written for my class. As always, feedback is always helpful! I can never edit too much, and all of these are far from their final form, so any comment helps!

House of Treasures (10/17/16)
A time capsule for the once lively
house of treasures
now stands in desperate disrepair.
You slip silently between
walls of peeling paint,
run your fingers along
ivory keys of a grand piano
that once filled the foyer with
sounds of life.
Marble floors are covered
with shadows and debris.
Do ghosts of what has passed
still haunt the halls,
disrupting dust, desperate
to uncover their undiscovered memories?

The Center of the Universe I (10/24/16)
I swear to God
Time. Stops.


The middle of
Times Square.
The first time.
Vibrant lights
Dancing across
Unfamiliar faces.

The sun

It’s always
Unless you look up
At the black sky.

People rush
Around me.

330,000 people
On their own

I am on mine.


It is magic,
The ability
To play
With Time.

“Would you go back?”

The Center of the Universe II (10/24/16)
Time stands
In New York City.

Everything is
When the sun is up.

Shopping bags
From their arms.

The homeless man
For money.
We don’t give him

We spent it
To get here.

A permanent
Our senses.

We have begun
To learn our way around
This city’s streets.

But we stand
Take in every
Piece of it.


It is the
Form of

“Will you leave?”

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