Writing Update #3: Some Anxiety Poems!

Hi all,

Time for another writing update by yours truly! I’ve been trying to write regularly over the course of my month-long winter break from college, and it’s proven more difficult than I had anticipated. There’s a lot of going back-and-forth from my college town/current permanent abode, and my hometown, which makes keeping a daily schedule a mess. We’re down to a week left of break now, and I haven’t gotten as much done as I wanted to. However, I did pump out a few poems I’m pretty proud of. Most of the poems I post in my writing updates will be edited several times after they’re posted, so these aren’t finished products, but they’re some of my favorites. I’ve also been dabbling a bit in fiction, which I think I’m horrible at writing, but I can’t quite get this idea and these characters out of my head. Maybe I’ll include some writing updates about it in the future…

But anyway, here are some poems about anxiety for you all, since that’s what the holidays and visiting my family and the upcoming semester give me.

Recovery (12/30/16)
This is not the first time
It has felt like
Life is falling apart at the seams,
Fraying at the edges,
Disintegrating before your eyes
Into a cloud of dust
You reach for –
You see it’s form
But cannot touch, grasp –
There’s nothing left
To hold onto.

When you wake the morning after
The disaster, you will find
The sun in the sky, life carrying by.
You will reach out with those hands,
Build something concrete
From that nothingness –
You always do.

This is not the first time
You have believed
It was all over, there was no way to
You have survived things

Homesick (1/14/17)
Start. Stop.
Spontaneously Readjust,
A doll, perfect, poised,
In a home not her own.

Anticipated Separation;
Sleeping on someone else’s
Plastic couch,
Belongings in a pink suitcase.

Anxiety Association,
Searching for basic necessities:
Coffee pot, clothes, protection,
Safety, security, social space.

Distinct Disorder.
Her body’s way of telling her
She is not where she is mean to be.

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Find more of my poems here!



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